We are booking appointments now for Pre-Fall & Fall clothing, jackets, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewellery. Winter coats and accessories in-take starts in August.

Visitors sells clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery on consignment. We welcome new and preowned apparel at every price point, for all genders, in all sizes, from XXS to XXL+. We carry top-notch vintage, modern everyday styles, high-end designer name brands, and handmade pieces that are one-of-a-kind. We look for imaginative and well-made designs, handpicking garments from across the eras.

Consignment intake is by appointment only. We ask that you bring no more than 20 items with you to your appointment. Please be sure that all your items have been freshly laundered.

Book your appointment now to take full advantage of the season! Don't wait too long—our inventory fills up quickly. Please use the request form below, email us at shopvisitors@gmail.com or call us at (506) 642-1360. Thank you for booking in advance. It helps us serve you better.

The next available appointment times: dates following July 15th


When you arrive for your appointment

Please sanitize your hands as you arrive, then come over to the cash, and someone will assist you. Appointments take about 20 minutes on average. While your items are being evaluated, we ask that you either: 

  • Stay and browse

  • Return to the shop within the hour


  • Book a pick-up time for a later date to come and collect your unselected items. Just mention it at the time of drop-off and we will set you up with a time. (Pick-up times follow consignment appointment hours.)

How Consignment Works at Visitors

  • Visitors offers a 40% commission of the final selling price. 
  • Pieces are evaluated based on condition, style, season, and inventory levels. 
  • New arrivals are priced within 1-14 days based on their current resale value. Prices are non negotiable. Markdowns are made at our discretion (this includes promotional events and seasonal sales). In the event of higher than normal intake volume, processing can take up to four weeks.
  • When dropping off new items, please let us know whether you would like certain ones returned to you or donated.


Accounting and Account Inquiries

  • Account updates and payouts will be provided upon request. Consignors are responsible for their accounts. This includes keeping their own record of what they brought in during their appointment. We cannot contact consignors when items have sold.
  • For an update on your account, please visit us in store, email us shopvisitors@gmail.com or call us at 1 (506) 642-1360. We can provide an up-to-date inventory list upon request.
  • Payouts are made by cheque or e-transfer. Cheques can be picked up in store or mailed out for a $3.00 fee. E-transfers are available for a $1.00 fee.

Shop Credit

Shop credit never expires and can be used towards any in store purchase. It is not limited to only clothing and accessories. Shop credit can be used towards original artwork, current exhibitions, artisanal jewellery, homewares, books, giftcards, and on layaway payments. 

Item Condition

All items must be laundered and be free of odours prior to intake. We evaluate items based on the following criteria:

In pristine condition with no signs of wear. New with or without tags.

In excellent pre-owned condition with little to no signs of wear and no visible flaws. 

Very Good
In very good pre-owned condition with minimal signs of wear and few visible flaws. Natural wear and tear can be seen.

In good pre-owned condition with some signs of wear and minor visible flaws. Natural wear and tear can be seen and minor repairs may have been made. In wearable condition.

Pieces that are 20+ years old. Their condition will range between Mint and Good, taking into account distressing, natural wear and tear, and repairs that may have been made. In wearable condition.

Pieces that are 100+ years old. Their condition will range between Mint and Good, taking into account distressing, natural wear and tear, and repairs that may have been made. In wearable or repairable condition.

Pieces that are 20+ years old with original tags. Their condition will range between Mint and Very Good, with no signs of wear, but taking into account distressing due to age.

As is
In wearable or repairable condition with visible flaws. Items marked "As Is" have been priced accordingly and adjustments will not be made.


  • If we deem an item needs repair or dry cleaning, a fee will be charged to the consignor's account.
  • Returns requested prior to the end of the selling season (6 months after date of process) require five (5) business days for reconciliation. Pieces pulled by the consignor are subject to a fee of:
    • $25 per piece if less than three months
    • $5 per piece if between three (3) and six (6) months


When consigning a designer or luxury item, we ask that consignors include the original proof of purchase or authentication documents. Items without documentation may be subject to a third-party authentication process, and a fee will be charged to the consignor's accountItems that are inauthentic or that cannot be authenticated will be returned to the consignor.

End of Season Returns

  • Consignors will be contacted via email to coordinate a pick up time for returns. We ask that items are picked up within one week. If you need a little extra time, no problem, just let us know. Items that have not been picked up will be considered donated.
  • All pieces remaining following the six month selling period will be donated.
  • Donated items are first placed in a discount bin and then donated to The Hospice Shoppe.


Visitors will accept donations of new and vintage pieces on a case by case basis. Visitors is not a registered charity and we may refuse donations.


In some instances, Visitors may buy collections from estate sales and private collectors selling lots containing rare, vintage, and designer clothing and accessories, in good, wearable condition. If you have a collection, please email us at shopvisitors@gmail.com or call us at 1 (506) 642-1360.

Visitors is not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged items. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.