Trade it in, get credit, get paid

   Notice: Consignment is closed for the time being. Please check back later. 


How consignment works

When you consign your quality pre-owned clothing with us, we do all of the work of selling for you, and you’ll earn cash or credit that can be used toward future purchases made at Visitors, in-store or online.


Step 1

Gather your items 

 We accept second-hand clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery from across the eras that are in good condition and perfectly wearable. Not exactly sure what to pick out? Read our consignment guide down below for helpful tips.

Step 2

Book an appointment

Use our online scheduler to book an appointment. Or, visit us in-store, or call us at (506) 642-1360 (within Canada). Appointment length is determined by the number of items you’ll be bringing to the shop for us to review.
Step 3

Start earning cash or credit

Our team chooses items for the shop with an estimated high sell-through rate, based on our resale experience and style expertise. Keep on reading to learn more about the selection process. 

Once your items have been reviewed and selected by our team, we take care of the work of getting it ready for customers to shop. While you get to sit back, earn money, or reinvest in another quality piece for your collection from Visitors. 

Bonus! Consigning is good for the planet and for our local community. Extending the life cycle of used clothing helps to reduce the global carbon, water and waste footprint, all while making fashion affordable, by supporting a small business in your local community. (That’s us!)




Buying used extends a garment's life by about two years, which cuts its combined carbon, waste, and water footprint by 82%


Consignor perks

Consignors receive extra perks when shopping at Visitors. When you make a purchase with your store credit, in-store or online, you’ll receive:

  • Access to exclusive sales. During our Consignor Appreciation promotions, you’ll receive an extra 10% off your purchase when you pay with store credit.

  • Gift your store credit to family and friends by using it to purchase gift cards.

  • Use your store credit as a layaway deposit or installment payments. Plus, opt in for automatic layaway paymentsas your items sell, your credit will be applied to your layaway balance. Pay it off sooner with no extra effort.

  • Access to account wish lists. Let us know when you have your eye on something and we will make a note on your account. This is a great way to let someone know your birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other occasion's wish list.


We handpick items across the eras, looking for well-made pieces and timeless designs


Gathering your items

We welcome second-hand apparel at every price point, for all genders, in all sizes, from XXS to 4XL+. We accept second-hand clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery from across the eras that are in good condition and perfectly wearable. We look for top-notch vintage, everyday modern styles, high-end designer name brands, handmade garments, and pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Prior to packing up your items, please be sure they have been freshly laundered and carefully looked over, checking for marks, discoloration, tissues in pockets, loose seams, and any significant wear and tear. We find the easiest way to pack your items is by neatly folding them into a reusable bag, suitcase, reusable plastic bin or laundry basket. We suggest packing shoes separately from clothing, if possible. Bringing in items on hangers is fine as well, especially for items that require a hanger, like evening wear, suits, coats, etc., and preferably hung inside of a garment bag. We return all hangers, bags and bins after the selection process.

Tip: When clothing arrives to us carefully selected, freshly laundered, wrinkle-free, and neatly packed, it helps to get it out to customers up to 3 times faster than items that arrive with marks, odours, or requiring extra maintenance, like extensive lint rolling, shaving, or mending, which often delay processing times.

All year

Vintage clothing, denim jeans, jackets, skirts and overalls, unlined leather jackets, unlined chore jackets, handbags, backpacks, jewellery, watches, belts, wallets and clutches, sunglasses and eyewear, modern and vintage t-shirts & sweatshirts, sports teams and jerseys, fleeces, athletic and athleisure clothing, all-seasons outdoor gear and workwear, cashmere and silk clothing*, everyday dresses*, evening & occasion wear*, street wear*, button-down shirts*, trousers & pants*, tops*, designer clothing* and sneakers, Dr. Martens 

*in seasonal colours, fabrics and prints. 

Pre-Fall / Fall

Starting July 1st

Ending October 15th


Transitional knitwear, quilted, lightly-lined or unlined jackets, vests, trench coats and raincoats, sneakers, closed back/toe shoes, lined and unlined boots, fabrics in seasonal colours and prints (wool, knits, corduroy, velvet)

Fall / Winter

Starting August 1st  

Ending January 15th

Knitwear in all styles and weights, lined and unlined boots, long sleeve tops, fabrics in seasonal colours and prints

Winter seasonal

Starting August 1st

Ending December 15th

Winter coats, boots, scarves, hats, mittens and other accessories

Holiday party wear

Pre-Spring / Spring

Starting January 1st

Ending May 15th

Transitional knitwear, quilted, lightly-lined or unlined jackets, vests, trench coats and raincoats, sneakers, closed back/toe shoes, unlined boots, fabrics in seasonal colours and prints 

Spring / Summer

Starting March 1st

Ending July 15th

Short sleeve & sleeveless tops, sun dresses, open back/toe shoes, linen clothing, fabrics in seasonal colours and prints (linen, cotton voile, white) 

Summer seasonal

Starting April 1st

Ending July 15th

Shorts, sandals, swimwear, coverups


We don’t presently have a Resort collection in the wintertime. We do accept swimwear that is either unworn or shows no signs of wear, as well as vintage lingerie. We occasionally accept contemporary lingerie, however no bras or underwear. We only accept socks on consignment that are unworn and new with tags, or deadstock vintage.

There’s no hard rules at Visitors for brands, but as a guideline, pieces from a local shopping center, purchased within the last 2-7 years, are less likely to be selected on consignment. Including, but limited to, brands like George, Garage, American Eagle, Hollister, RW & co. Reitmans, Sears, La Vie en Rose, etc.. If ever you’re unsure about an item or brand, send us an email with pictures of your item(s) attached, and we’ll do our best to help. One of the reasons why we don’t impose strict brand rules at Visitors is because we’re very interested in vintage apparel. A good example of a brand that is coveted if it’s vintage (20+ years old and in good, wearable condition) over it’s contemporary counterpart, is GAP, for example.

When consigning a designer or luxury item, we ask that consignors please include the original proof of purchase or authentication documents. We may request for luxury items without documentation to be authenticated by a third-party service for a fee. Items that are inauthentic or that cannot be authenticated will be returned to the consignor.

  Booking your appointment

Use our online scheduler to book an appointment. Or, visit us in-store, call us at (506) 642-1360 (within Canada), email us at or direct message us on Instagram or Facebook.

Appointments are based on the number of items to review.

20-30 minutes Drop off & same day pickup Up to 20 items
30-40 minutes Drop off & same day pickup Up to 40 items
40-60 minutes Drop off & same day or next day pickup Up to 60 items
Drop-off / pick up only 1-3 business days for processing 60-100 items
Housecall service ($10 per 30-minute consultation time charged to the account) Minimum 100 items

We’re here to accommodate whatever works best for your schedule. In our experience, consignors that book monthly appointments to bring in their best 20-40 seasonal items, in store-ready condition, often make the most out of each drop-off. Smaller batches of on-trend, in-season items that require little to no maintenance or care do tend to go out faster (and they also tend to sell at a higher value. Timing is everything!) But, like we said, we’re here to accommodate what’s easiest for you, and to earn you credit for your used clothing!

Our team chooses items for the shop with an estimated high sell-through rate, based on our resale experience and style expertise. We always take into account our customer base, and factor in item condition, brand, season, trend, and current inventory levels.

As you arrive, please sanitize your hands. Our sales associate will greet you, and give you a hand with your items, if needed. If this is your first time consigning with Visitors, our sales associate will set up an account for you. Your items will be brought back to our consignment room (which is separate from the sales floor) to be evaluated. While your items are being evaluated, you have the option to stay and shop, or book a pick-up time to come back and collect any unselected items. Any unselected items will be returned to you. Our sales associate will also ask you if you would like a handwritten receipt of the items that were selected during your appointment. This is completely optional, once your items have been processed and priced, they will be recorded into our inventory system. You can request an inventory list at any time.

Union Street has on-street parking regulated by a coin meter. Nearby adjacent streets (like Dorchester St.) are regulated by electronic meters. HotSpot Parking is available everywhere Uptown. On-street and most off street parking lots permit up to two hours of uninterrupted parking, and are free on weekends and weekdays after 6:00 pm.

We really appreciate it when consignors book with us in advance, because it helps us serve you better, and we hate to turn folks away. Whenever it’s possible, we will do our best to accommodate same-day booking. Please give us a call at 506-642-1360 during hours of operation.

Earning cash & credit

Consignors earn a 40% commission of the final selling price of their items.

As items arrive, they are placed in a grading queue. Items are hung, steamed, looked over thoroughly, and made ready for the sales floor. At this point, they are assigned a grade, and then placed in the pricing queue. Item grades and prices are determined according to their condition, retail value, rarity, and resale market value. This process can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks, depending on the season. In the event of higher than normal intake volume, or if items require extensive care in order to be made shop-ready, processing can take up to 6 weeks.

We grade and price consignment based on the following criteria:

Mint Condition

In pristine condition with no signs of wear. New with or without tags. (NWT = new with tags. NWOT = new without tags)

Excellent Condition

In excellent pre-owned condition with little to no signs of wear and no visible flaws.

Very Good Condition

In very good pre-owned condition with minimal signs of wear and few visible flaws. Natural wear and tear can be seen.

Good Condition

In good pre-owned condition with some signs of wear and minor visible flaws. Natural wear and tear can be seen and minor repairs may have been made. In wearable condition.


Pieces that are 20+ years old. Their condition will range between Mint and Good, taking into account distressing, natural wear and tear, and repairs that may have been made. In wearable condition.


Pieces that are 20+ years old with original tags. Their condition will range between Mint and Very Good, with no signs of wear, but taking into account distressing due to age.


Pieces that are 100+ years old. Their condition will range between Mint and Good, taking into account distressing, natural wear and tear, and repairs that may have been made. In wearable or repairable condition.

As is

In wearable or repairable condition with visible flaws. Items marked "As Is" have been priced accordingly and adjustments will not be made.

After items are graded and price (which can take anywhere between 1-6 weeks depending on the season and the condition in which we received the items), they are inventoried in our system within 1-3 days. Once inventoried, they will arrive on the sales floor. We post on average 50-100 new arrivals a week on instagram. We do our best to post each item in our instagram stories within the first four weeks they arrive in the shop.

Prices are determined according to the item’s condition, retail value, rarity, and resale market value. We make every effort to earn the maximum resale value for each item brought in on consignment, however we cannot guarantee earning consignors a specific amount for their items. Markdowns are made routinely, on a monthly basis, at our discretion, according to the seasonal sales and promotions schedule. Prices are non negotiable.

Call us, email us, message us, or visit us in person. Like our taste in clothing, some of our practices are a little old school, so to receive an account update or an inventory list, please come talk to us.

Nope! Like we said, we’re a little old school, plus we have 400+ consignors, so please come and talk to us. :)

Yes. At your first appointment, we will ask whether you’d like your items donated or returned to you, and make a note on your account. If at any time your preference changes, please let us know as soon as possible, or at the time of your next appointment drop off, to avoid any mix-ups. At the end of each season, consignors are contacted via email to coordinate a pick up time for their returns. We ask that items are picked up within one week. If you need a little extra time, that’s no problem, but please let us know. Items that have not been picked up within one week will be considered donated.

Returns requested before the end of the consignment term (6 months after the date of inventory) require 5 business days for reconciliation. Pieces pulled by the consignor are subject to a fee of:

$10 per piece if less than 3 months,

$5 per piece if between 3-6 months.

Unsold donated items are donated to The Hospice Shoppe. We currently don’t have our usual shop discount bin at the moment, but when we do, the proceeds of our discount bin are donated to a charitable organization.

Yay! Your account has a balance. You can ask us to pay out a portion, save some in credit, or get paid in full. To request a payout, call us, email us, message us, or visit us in person. Payouts are made by cheque or e-transfer. Cheques can be picked up in store or mailed out for a $3.00 fee. E-transfers are available for a $1.00 fee.

Shop credit never expires and can be used towards any in-store or instagram purchase. It is not limited to only clothing and accessories. Shop credit can be used towards original artwork, current exhibitions, artisanal jewellery, homewares, books, gift cards, and on layaway payments.

If an item needs a small repair, or extra cleaning or care, a small service fee will be charged to the consignor's account per item. If the item requires extensive repairs or dry cleaning, we will contact the consignor to discuss their options, if the item has resale value potential. Visitors can coordinate with the consignor to arrange for repairs or dry cleaning for a fee.

Visitors will accept donations of new and vintage pieces on a case by case basis. Visitors is not a registered charity and we may refuse donations. Please contact us in advance if you would like to make a donation.

If you have a collection of 40 or more vintage pieces in good, wearable, or repairable condition, from an estate or private collection, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at or call us at 1 (506) 642-1360. For collections within the Maritimes and New England, we are happy to discuss coming to you (travel restrictions permitting).

Visitors is not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged items. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.