Shop now, pay later. We are pleased to offer an interest free layaway option on any item at Visitors. Plans are available in monthly payment schedules, up to 3 months on items under $300, and up to 6 months on items over $300. A minimum 25% deposit due at the time of checkout.

If you would like to set up a layaway, please email us at Please include links to the items you are interested in for quicker processing.

Payment can be made with debit, credit card and shop credit on or before the last day of the month. Payments can be processed online, over the phone and in person. Instalment plans are subject to fees when payments are missed. 

  • The Payment Schedule cannot be changed. Instalments are due before or on time. 
  • You must be over 18 years old and of the legal age of majority in your province of residence and be the authorized holder of an eligible Canada issued debit or credit card to apply. 
  • All orders are subject to approval – for example, if you have any overdue payments, layaway will not be available to you.
  • Only one item can be eligible for layaway at a time.
  • You can make payments any time BEFORE the due date. 
  • If a payment is not successfully processed on or before the due date (last day of the month) and remains outstanding, a late fee of $8 will be applied to every missed payment. 
  • Cancellations are subject to fees. The cancellation fee is $25, plus an additional $5 restocking fee for each four-week period the item was placed on hold.
  • Payments are processed by credit card, by e-transfer request, or by PayPal. If you are already a consignor, any available store credit can be used to pay instalments partially or in full.
  • Items are held in store until fully paid. Artworks in a current exhibition remain installed until the end date of the exhibition. Please consult Visitors’ current exhibition schedule for more detail.
  • When late fees accumulate to 25% of the item’s original value OR payments remain overdue 30 days after term, the layaway is considered cancelled and the deposit is forfeit.
  • You are agreeing to resolve all disputes through Binding Arbitration and waiving your right to bring a Class Action.