'Lobster Claw I, II, III' — Hailey Guzik


Lobster Claw I, II, III, Hailey Guzik, 2019, urethane resin, plaster, 5 x 8 x 2 inches.

Hailey Guzik is an emerging Canadian artist working in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, QC. 

This collection of artwork, titled Everything Out of Place, explores social attitudes towards landscapes and the tradition of landscape painting in art. Hailey’s play-driven process results in paintings and sculptures that deconstruct views of well known scenery, referencing areas familiar to her through her experiences growing up in New Brunswick. She remixes the essential components of landscape and figurative painting, blending the natural and manufactured, the perceivable and imagined, and invites us to reflect on our own role in shaping the environment.

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