Gina — Saintes by Rosalie H. Maheux

$19.00 $30.00

4" tall resin sculpture with a light-up base


Saintes is a series of resin sculptures cast from the inside of hollow Virgin Mary statues. By treating the negative space inside the statues as the “new icon”, Rosalie H. Maheux removes both physical and psychological aspects related to the Virgin Mary, thus offering a contrasting new perspective on the representation of women.

With the shapes obtained from the interior cast of the hollow statues and the re-appropriation of catholic shrines, the work confronts the idea of procreation versus pleasure while proposing an intergenerational and critical conversation between the artist’s catholic cultural background and her feminist views.

Rosalie H. Maheux was born in a small town on the South shore of the Saint Lawrence River, Québec, Canada. Maheux obtained an Honours Bachelor of Arts - Specialist in Studio from the University of Toronto, in 2014. She now lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and focuses primarily on sculpture and installation. She qualifies her practice as a silky soft act of irreverence.