Cup with Lid in Rose — AKAI Ceramic Studio

$19.00 $37.00

AKAI Ceramic Studio is known for their simple and timeless vessels. They believe in the beauty of functional design and create their tablewares with the hope of adding colourful, everyday ceramics to your life.

This cup with a lid can be used as a teacup or a small storage vessel.

Porcelain. 2 inches x 3 inches. Holds 5 fl.oz.


AKAI Ceramic Studio

This ceramic studio was founded in 2012 and everything it does was built upon a passion. At just 13 years old, Yusuke Akai threw a tea bowl on the wheel for the first time. Blown away by this ability to create, he's been perfecting the art ever since, travelling throughout regions of China and Japan famous for pottery making. A ceramicist at night, he spent his days working to make a living as a designer, teacher, and tableware buyer. He eventually moved to Canada at the end of the 1990s with his wife (his muse, accomplice, and an architect) where he was able to concentrate solely on pottery and crafting simple, timeless, imaginative designs to make homes beautiful and functional.