Cloud and Prism Mobile


This Cloud mobile by La Vie En Verre is made with blush-coloured stained glass. The added prism refracts light and displaces small rainbows beams across your space. Each mobile comes with a small gold hoop. Display your mobile wherever you please, whether it's in your window or on your wall. 

5" tall x 5" wide. Assembled with nylon string. Handmade in Edmunston, New Brunswick.

La Vie En Verre

La Vie En Verre's stained glass mobiles and panels are imagined, cut, and assembled by hand by Stephanie Couturier in her northern New Brunswick studio. In her creation process, she responds to the shape, colour, and texture of the stained glass, allowing it to guide her designs. Inspired by social issues, mental health and climate change, each piece is made with the intention of bringing tranquillity and magic into the world.