Capitalist Brain Party no. 2 - Paper Record w/ Limited Edition Button Set

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From Usse
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5"x5" folding card with download code. For a limited time includes bonus set of two 1.25" buttons (while supplies last).

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Jud Crandall - alto saxophone, drums, field recording
Emily Saab - drums
Sebastian Fleet - bass
Pierre Cormier - bass
Jennifer Nason - piano
Colleen Collins - piano
Andrew MacKelvie - soprano & tenor saxophones, alto mouthpiece, recorder, whistle

Made by Usse Spring 2020.

Engineered at players' homes in NB and NS.
Field recording taken inside The Bird House,
Castalia Marsh Retreat on Grand Manan Spring 2017.

Mastered by Corey Bonnevie at Monopolized.
Photography by Emily Saab.


CAPITALIST BRAIN PARTY no. 2 is an album length improvisation, manufactured by seven players accompanying a field recording of pummeling rain on a structure. Given the task of responding to what preceded, while constructing space for what follows, players laid sheet upon sheet of sound in sequential isolation. Procedurally arranged as a 'double quartet', nodding to Ornette Coleman's 'Free Jazz', group occupation of the imagined space is rendered with minimal interference. First takes were encouraged, and preparation was limited to steeling oneself to stay the course.

Just as in a live improvisation, empathy, imagination and accommodation were paramount, seeking to discover the togetherness of a collective organism, in spite of that which separates us. While the COVID pandemic very much set the stage for this experiment, the true watershed of our social fabric, revealing itself today as much as any time, is the unequal, non-neutral construct of capitalism. CAPITALIST BRAIN PARTY no. 2 recognizes and stands in defiance of this cruel house.