Gift cards available in-store!
Gift cards available in-store!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy items?

You can purchase items in person at Visitors’ storefront, located at 145 Union Street. Online shopping at will be available in 2019.

Where can I park my vehicle?

Union St. has on-street parking regulated by a coin meter, while nearby adjacent streets, like Dorchester St., have electronic meters available. HotSpot Parking is also available Uptown.

According to Uptown Saint John's website, "Uptown Saint John has many convenient parking options. On-street and most off street parking lots are free on weekends and after 6pm. Conveniently located off street parking lots are the best option for those spending a few hours or more uptown. Hourly and monthly rates are available at most parking garages and parking lots. Most on street spaces have the easy to use ‘pay and display’ system, allowing the freedom of up to two hours of uninterrupted parking." 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit and most major credit cards. 

What types of clothing and accessories do you keep in stock?

Visitors stocks clothing for all genders & bodies. For teens to adults, we stock one-of-a-kind items ranging from XXS to XXL. For designer and artist-made clothing, we try to carry a selection of sizes for each design as available. If you have a special request for sizing, please let us know and we can help to arrange a custom order with the artist or designer. A deposit may be required on custom orders.

What is "Unisex" or “All Genders”?

“Unisex” and “All Genders” means clothing that can be worn by any gender. At Visitors, we believe clothing styles can be worn by anyone based on preference. We think it’s important for customers to feel welcome to express themselves and feel great about their bodies, so we choose to not prescribe to the idea that there are only two genders through store merchandizing.

How are items priced?

Items are priced based on their market value, materials, age, and overall condition. All artist-made items are priced in consultation with the artist. If you have any questions about prices, please talk to us. We are happy to share with you insights on the items we carry.

Do you charge taxes or duties?

We charge HST + GST on all items sold. Buyers outside of Canada are responsible for any additional charges related to the shipment of their purchase.

Can I return or exchange items?

Please see our section on returns & exchanges for detailed information.

Do you offer international shipping?


Do you offer sales and discounts?

Yes. In store, you can find a sale rack with recently marked-down items and a discount bin with good finds at super low prices. On special occasions we offer storewide discounts—follow us on instagram, facebook, and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to find out!

What type of events are held at Visitors?

From time to time, Visitors serves as a dry all-ages venue for music, performances, workshops, screenings, readings, meet-ups, and artist residencies. Check out our calendar for upcoming events. Follow us on instagram, facebook, and sign up for our newsletter for event invites and how to RSVP.

I’m interested in consigning my pre-loved clothing and accessories with Visitors.

How do I consign my items?

Stop by Visitors in person to set up an account and drop-off your items. Items will be evaluated and priced within 5-10 days. Items will be selected for the shop based on demand, style, season, quality, condition and inventory levels. Prices are non negotiable. No appointment necessary. 

If you would like your unselected items to be returned, please let us know at the time of drop-off. We will notify you by email when your items are ready to be picked up. We ask that items are picked up within 6 business days after being notified. Otherwise, items that are not picked up will be considered donated.

What kinds of items are we looking for?

  • Vintage and retro clothing and accessories for all genders and bodies.
  • Quality used clothing and accessories that are in excellent condition. No rips or stains (unless intentional).
  • All items must be laundered and free of odours.
  • Items will be selected for the shop based on the season.

What percentage of sales will I receive as a consignor?

We offer consignors 40% commission of the final selling price for items sold in store credit and 30% commission in cash.

What happens to items that don’t sell?
Unsold items will be put in our discount bin or donated. If you would like certain things returned, please make sure to tell us when you drop them off.

How do I check on the status of my account and receive a payment?
Visit us anytime during open business hours. We ask that consignors check in frequently to stay up to date on the status of their inventory and account. Consignors are responsible for picking up payout amounts in person. We recommend that consignors visit us four to six weeks after dropping off new items.

Will Visitors buy collections?
Yes. In some instances, Visitors will buy collections from estate sales and private collectors offering lots containing rare, vintage, and designer clothing & accessories in good, wearable condition. If you have a collection, contact us or send us an email at

I’m an artist/designer/crafter/maker and I’m interested in selling my work with Visitors.

How do I seek representation with Visitors?

Contact us at with samples of work and a inventory/price list. Please also include a short bio and description of your work, with your CV, social media, and website (if applicable.) We welcome general portfolio submissions as well—we hope to support new creative careers through our space. We try to respond to requests within two weeks. If you do not hear from us, don’t hesitate to send us a friendly follow-up message.

Representation will be sought based on our commitment to Visitors’ objectives and values as a business, as well as our inventory levels. Visitors will provide a contract that outlines the responsibilities and rights of both the shop and the artist.

What percentage of sales will I receive for my work?

Artists consigning work with Visitors will receive 60% of the final selling price and are free to decide their own retail price accordingly. 

 What kinds of work is Visitors looking for?

  • Zines, books, and other types of publications
  • Ceramics
  • Printed multiples
  • Patches and pins
  • Small-scale sculptures & wall-mounted works
  • Audio/sound works (tapes, CDs, electronics, boutique pedals, etc.)
  • Artist-made clothing and accessories
  • Textile works
  • Artist-made housewares, decor items, and gifts

What happens to work that doesn’t sell?

We ask that artists check in frequently to stay up to date on the status of their inventory. Artists are responsible for delivering their work to the shop and picking up any unsold work. Visitors will not be responsible for shipping costs.

Will Visitors buy items wholesale?

Yes, Visitors will buy items from artists, distros, and presses upfront at wholesale prices. Contact us or send us an email at to chat.

Will Visitors host a pop-up event?

Yes, please contact us or send us an email at with information about your project.

I’m a band/educator/organizer/pop-up and I’m interested in collaborating with Visitors as a venue.

How do you apply to collaborate with Visitors to host an event?

Visitors welcomes proposals for activities that align with our objectives and share in our commitment to maintaining an inclusive space. Send us an email to with your idea. 

Are there any associated costs?

Visitors does not charge a rental or venue fee. However, at this time we are not able to provide equipment such as sound gear, projectors, or computers, so you may need to rent or bring these things with you.

How much advance notice do you need?

Please reach out to us as soon as you’re able to. We will try our best to be responsive to last minute events, however as we lean towards being a DIY venue, the more notice you can provide us with, the better we can accommodate you.

How do promotions work?

Visitors’ events are promoted through our social media channels and email newsletter. Poster design and postering are the responsibility of the event organizer or band(s).

I’m a chef, micro-restaurant, foodie entrepreneur, non-alcoholic beverage maker. Can I partner with Visitors to organize a pop-up during an event?

Yes. We love working with local businesses to offer event-goers a selection of booze-free drinks and yummy snacks for purchase. Contact us or send us an email at to chat.