How do I consign my items?

Stop by Visitors in person to set up an account and drop-off your items. Items will be evaluated and priced within 5-10 days. Items will be selected for the shop based on demand, style, season, quality, condition and inventory levels. Prices are non negotiable. No appointment necessary. 

If you would like your unselected items to be returned, please let us know at the time of drop-off. We will notify you by email when your items are ready to be picked up. We ask that items are picked up within 6 business days after being notified. Otherwise, items that are not picked up will be considered donated.

What kinds of items are we looking for?

  • Vintage and retro clothing and accessories for all genders and bodies.
  • Quality used clothing and accessories that are in excellent condition. No rips or stains (unless intentional).
  • All items must be laundered and free of odours.
  • Items will be selected for the shop based on the season.

What percentage of sales will I receive as a consignor?

We offer consignors 40% commission of the final selling price for items sold in store credit or cash.

What happens to items that don’t sell?
Unsold items will be put in our discount bin and donated. If you would like certain things returned, please make sure to tell us when you drop them off.

How do I check on the status of my account and receive a payment?
Visit us anytime during open business hours. We ask that consignors check in frequently to stay up to date on the status of their inventory and account. Consignors are responsible for picking up payout amounts in person. We recommend that consignors visit us four to six weeks after dropping off new items.

Will Visitors buy collections?
Yes. In some instances, Visitors will buy collections from estate sales and private collectors offering lots containing rare, vintage, and designer clothing & accessories in good, wearable condition. If you have a collection, contact us.