"Pom" by Tara Wells — Flower Cascade Wall Hanging


Artist Tara Wells releases a new series of lightweight wall-mounted flower cascades exclusively for Visitors. 

Tara Wells
11.5" x 6"
0.5 lbs
Made in Sackville, New Brunswick

In an effort to make as small an environmental impact as possible, Wells prefers to work with recycled materials, or as she says “breaking down the broken-down and building with the bits.” For this series of flowers, which are larger than her previous iterations, she used guitar strings, often those broken or discarded by her musician friends, like stems. The strings grant the flowers a buoyancy not typically seen in contemporary art or fine craft, and the recognizable materials, like buttons and the plastic from shampoo bottles, make the work visually accessible while also inviting welcomed interaction from the viewer. This lively engagement is what makes Well’s work unique. She has stated that she wanted to recreate the sensation of daisies blowing in the Sackville wind, the feeling of eternal summer, and a sentiment familiar to many as seasons continue to slip by. 

Flower cascades are easy to mount on a wall or door. Hang the wire hoop attached to the back of the cascade on a small finishing nail or wall hook.