DON'T TOUCH Barrette Pack — Chunks

From Chunks

It’s 2020 and you shouldn't have to remind anyone to keep their hands to themselves, but these 2” clips are here to help. Style these with DON’T on the right and TOUCH on the left to spread the word.

  • Ideal for: All hair types

  • Measures about 2” and made from acetate and metal hardware

    Chunks launched in the Spring of 2019. All their hair accessories are made from acetate, which is a highly durable, plant-based material with a much shorter life span than typical plastics and acrylics. All acetate remnants are recycled into new acetate material. Their metal hardware is plated and nickel free.

    Chunks accessories are proudly made in China. They believe in representing their manufacturing openly because there are so many negative assumptions about it. Chunks believes working with Chinese manufacturers provides the opportunity to create meaningful change in our manufacturing standards. 

    Chunks designs are inspired by founder, Tiffany Ju's passion for colors, kulture and trends, nostalgic feelings and art like the Memphis design movement.